Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pesto Sauce

I don't think there is anything quite so delicious as Basil, except of course pie and chocolate. Love that stuff. I just picked a bucket of basil and I am making Pesto. It is so wonderful on a croisant with a little goat cheese, sundried tomatoes and more fresh basil. Here is a recipe that I just adore. I mix it up and spoon it into icecube trays and freeze it. When it is frozen I place the little cubes in a zip lock bag and then I have it whenever the fit strikes me.

Pesto Sauce

4 cloves garlic,peeled

1/3 Cup pine nuts or walnuts (toasted)

1/2 Cup fresh parsley
2 Cups fresh basil (I like lots, so I pack it)

1 cup grated Parmesan cheese (fresh is best)

1/3 Cup olive oil

1 tsp. kosher salt

Using a food processor:

1. With machine running, add garlic through feed tube and process until chopped.
Add nuts and chop with garlic.
2. Add parsley and basil and process on/off 8 to 10 times until finely chopped

3. Add grated Parmesan cheese, oil and salt and process until well mixed.

Spoon into ice cube trays and freeze or....use it immediately for pasta, pizza, etc.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Looking through our gate into our neighbors yard


When you have great neighbors, every day is beautiful.
We first met our neighbor to the south of us one day while
he was out gardening and we did the "farmer type lean on
the fence to chat" thing and Sherm brought his shovel over
to lean on and discuss the trials of gardening. After chatting
for some time he smiled and told us "There aint nothin' like
good neighbors, and he was so right. He shares squash and
cabbages, tomatoes and apples with us each year, and we
share our apricots, pears and peaches with him. Our neighbor
to the north of us shares onions, the most incredible dinner
rolls you will ever taste and as soon as her chickens start
to lay we can have all the eggs we want. I am also eyeing
her corn and I am certain she will be bringing us a few ears.
We have gates that open into each neighbors garden from our
yard to theirs, you gotta be really nice people and trust each
other to do that sorta thing.
Next year perhaps we will have a "real" garden, not just an herb
garden with peppers, tomatoes, and eggsplant. But I am not
complaining, I love what I have, I am truly blessed.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

MOORE Apricots ....Whew!!!

One more day at the hot stove and dealing with these lovely orange fruits. I am reminded of my first year in Colorado when I was so excited to see the beautiful, lithe deer bounding through our property but by the end of the fifth year I was calling them other names other than beautiful due to the fact that they loved munching on my flowers, roots and all.
Oh but the apricot nectar and the pint jars of apricots really are lovely and I am so glad I got them done! One more batch of apricot syrup and I am finished just in time to enjoy the onset of the pear world. Am I too old for this? Have I picked off more than I can can? Nah, just a very long day. Carl's car had a bad tire and I had to go into town, 30 minute drive, to pick him up. The next day he took my car and while driving it, he realized it had a serious problem, so it is in the shop also. I am now consigned to drive the big red truck with the giant doolies, dulies, whatever they are they are large side by side tires and the back of the truck is filled with Pooh Pouri that we hauled from my nephews' ranch, that he is the caretaker of, for my garden. I do believe the truck must be 40 feet long or so it seems. But it does give one the feeling of being in complete control. I am one classy chic, but isn't that what my world is all about. Loving the land and the peeps. It's a good life.