Friday, July 25, 2008

It's Canning Time! The apricots are waiting for me.

Our trees are loaded with these gorgeous golden fruits. Oh how I wish my darling daughters
were here to help me do the canning. It's ever so much more fun to do things with them. But
I have a strong suspicion that my true love will help me with this project. He is always willing
to pitch in, it's just getting him started. He's like the pull start on a rototiller, you have to pull
on the ropes several times to get it to go but once you get the motor going it does the job like no other machine. Let's see......I think apricot jam will be the first thing I do (how can a kitchen survive without apricot jam?) Maybe a few dried apricots for my scones and maybe some luscious apricot nectar. I think perhaps the grandchildren would love some fruit leathers.
Now all I need is the energy to get ME going.


Half of the Style Sisters said...

Hot Mom!! Way to go with the post! I looks fabulous! Did you check out all the links I added to your blog for you. This is going to be so much fun!!

Love ya,

fourlittleloves said...

Dont you love to blog!!!!!!!!! i love it! My cute mom...

Madeline & Peter said...

Wow grandma this looks amazing!

I haven't watched that "Year in Provence" yet but I am sure your blog is going to be a lot like that movie!

Don't forget to send some of that jam down this way! Love ya grandma...

Emily said...

grandma i miss you tons! your blog is so cute!

Elli said...

Hi grandma joan!
how R u ? are you having fun canning? do you miss me? i miss you a ton!

Half of the Style Sisters said...

Oh mother.....where are your next posts?.....I am still posting while I am on vacation so I need to see what you are up to while I am gone. :)

Love you