Wednesday, July 30, 2008


We came home from meeting with all our friends Monday night to find a box on our doorstep.
It was mailed from California but someone had written "From the Putnam's" on the top.
We were trying to figure out why they would bring this box to our house. Carl asked if I had done something nice and I said "No, I haven't done anything nice today". Sad. When we opened the box there was a gorgeous pot with a live gardenia in bloom. I called to express my joy in receiving this and they told me the story behind the gift. My friend had ordered (1) plant and they had delivered 45. When she called to ask how to return them they told her to keep and enjoy. How is that? I am so happy I was one of the recipients. I'm waiting for some of my orders to be duplicated like that. Wouldn't it be wonderful to receive 10,000 pounds of chocolate instead of 1,000 and be informed that if we mailed it back it would just melt, so we would just have to keep it. Whoa, I would "melt" with delight.

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farmerjulie said...

i am a friend of Tiffanys. Love your cute blog!!
Where in Utah? I would love to know more about your chocolates! you are darling!!
Julie :)