Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Canning and Grandsons

I have tried to change things on this blog but having no knowledge of how to do it, I just messed it up. Oh well, I will have to wait for daughters to return and instruct me. Meanwhile.......Yesterday 6 of my darling grandsons, their mother and my cute niece come up to help pick the apricots and make jam. They arrived at noon and we picked many, many buckets of fruit and then proceeded to make jam, only 20 jars, but that wasn't too bad considering we had to make lunch (Weston was in charge of that project) make wooden bird houses (McKay, Taylor and Hunter helped Grant and Charlie put together two of them - The little guys thought the birdhouses made great snail houses - yuck) pick a few pears...( they are small but delicious) do a little skate boarding, play a few games of rummikub, practice on the guitar and key board, hit a few golf balls over the house, and eat multitudes of apricot cupcakes.. yummy! The kids were great, they washed the fruit and cut it up and we did the rest. We finished at 5:00 p.m. and I washed off the last pieces of fruit from my body, dressed and met my hubby for a delightful dinner to celebrate our anniversary. Picked up a movie and came home to collapse on the sofa and watch it. I even stayed awake all through the show. Long Day. Today I am off the do the work for those that can't do it for themselves.


fourlittleloves said...

Mom, LOVE the green!! See you do know how to do the blog thing!!! I love that you are doing this! Then when you have put a bunch of entries on you can go to some special website and they will turn you blog into a scrapbook!! So you can just journal, journal, journal and then you will have a record of it!! Love that! ok I will call you in a bit...
love, me

Half of the Style Sisters said...

Hot mom you are figuring this whole blog thing out! I am so proud of you! It looks great. I loved reading about your crazy day with all the kids..sounds like a ton of fun. We are having a great time and went snorkeling a ton today! We saw all kinds of fish and beautiful coral and other kinds of ocean plants. I will post more pics of the trip but I don't have any more underwater pics.

Love you tons.